Our Services

We welcome the opportunity to provide the following services to you in SmartDesigner as per the requirement.

  • Designing single, double and multi-layer printed circuit boards
  • Routing services for Manual routing, Equal line length routing with specified tolerance, Differential pair/High speed signal/Ground shielding

Our company is specialized in providing offshore Engineering Design Services primarily Electronic Design, Mechanical Design and Software Development Services. Our experienced designers work on satisfying the requirements of our customers in a cost effective way with high quality.

Pramura has professional and dedicated teams for Design and Development. We focus on providing our engineering design service through long term working partnership to clients to deliver innovative solutions. Having provided unique, value added, high quality services to our customer for the past 24 years, we are an ideal and trustworthy company to meet your Engineering outsourcing requirements.

We look forward to working with you and showing you our real capability in Engineering Design Services.

Work Methodology

  • Pramura’s work chart (Production & Quality Check Process) is shown below:

  • Customer will be provided with a dedicated FTP site and work transfer will happen through FTP site.
  • Email can be used as is needed.
  • Managerial/ Quality issues will be handled by a dedicated Manager.

Design Assurance

  • All documents related to the design will be kept confidential.
  • We consider the requirements of customer and work flexibly to meet the turnaround time of customers.
  • 100% quality guaranteed


Provide the following details to get a quote:

  • Circuit details
  • Size of PCB, Drawing preferably in DXF or image format
  • Mounting hole diameters and positions, component positions if required, trace-free areas (if exist), etc.
  • Trace width, clearance, via size, ring size, etc.
  • Layer count preference
  • Any other special requirements from the PCB manufacturers


At the end, the customer receives:

  • Gerber and Drill files, DXF file
  • Bill of Materials (MS-Excel compatible)
  • Layout files for assembly
  • Other documents, if requested


Contact Us anytime and provide the information for a quote.