Potential Problems Caused by Not Using PCB Design Software

Posted by: admin Comments: 0 9 Post Date: June 21, 2018

Most PCB designers today are utilizing some level of software to develop and analyze board designs. It becomes apparent very quickly that there are considerable disadvantages to not implementing computer aided design (CAD) tools in PCB designs:

  • Missed deadlines and slower time-to-market – the competition is using such tools as a competitive advantage. Management expects products on schedule, and within the established budget.
  • Manual methods and back-and-forth communications with manufacturers impedes the process and increases cost.
  • Quality – without the analysis and error discovery provided by automated tools, there is a much higher potential for reduced reliability and quality. In the worst-case scenario, defects may not be detected until after the final product is in the hands of customers and consumers, causing lost sales or recalls.

Putting sophisticated PCB design software to work in creating or updating designs will speed the design process, accelerate manufacturing, and reduce costs.

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