Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It has multiple window option which is easy for designer to refer other designs.

6 Decimal Places accuracy.

Excellon 2 is the drill format used in Smart Designer.

DXF and & RS-274-X.

Yes. It has an option to import Third Party Netlist.

  • Design File: *.pra
  • Padstack: *.pdsk
  • Footprint: *.ftpt
  • Netlist: *.txt,*.csv,*dat,*.sdnl to Import and *.csv
  • Gerber files: *.gbr
  • Drill Symbols: *.drll

Yes. After Download and Installation, send mail to marketing@pramuragroup.com to get the Activation Key and use the software. Trial version will expire within 3 months after activation. To know more about it see Trial Download page under Support tab.

Yes, we have developed a Converter that helps to Convert netlist of other Schematic editor to a format that can be imported to our SmartDesigner Software.

Yes. Schematic Capture can be bought separately with a nominal cost.

Yes, SmartDesigner is also available with Unlimited Design Capability which comes under PRO version. It has Unlimited Pin counts, Unlimited Nets and also supports up to 100 Copper layers. Currently, PRO version is not available in the website. If you want PRO version, send mail to marketing@pramuragroup.com or go to Contact Us page and Enquire giving relevant details, to make it available to you.