Frequently Asked Questions

An option with “Show Unequal Length – With Shorts” is available for checking

Sometimes nets will not be imported and netlist will not be generated correctly.

This is due to text and routed traces not exactly located in Pad center.

So please use “Stretch Text to Pad Center” when text is imported before importing Netlist and use “Stretch Traces to Pad Center” by selecting a Pad layer after completing routing and before generating Net Report.

You can use Filter option to select the required entities

Two options are available: From Netlist and From Auto Route file.

Yes. It has Auto Route option only in PRO Version

Net Name, Start Pad, Goal Pad,Rat Length, Connection Status, Trace Length

Netlist is output is generated in *.csv format

It has an option in menu Net>Generate Net report.

Smart Designer has Net verification mode with special features.

  • Net Filter – by specifying net names
  • Pad Filter – by specifying pad stack names
  • Length Filter – by specifying rats length
  • Angle Filter – by specifying angle of the rats nest.