Frequently Asked Questions

SmartDesigner is available in Windows 32-bit(x86) and Windows 64-bit(x64) versions.

Yes, your saved Designs will be stored until you delete it. You can purchase and Reactivate the software to use those designs again.

Yes, we will intimate you before the license expires through your registered mail. Mail will be sent 7 days before the Expiration date, that requests you to Purchase and Reactivate as soon as possible.

We will intimate you before the license expires through your registered mail. After your Purchase of new License we will send you another key to the requested Email address. After Validity is over, the software is not accessible until Reactivation.

You can install the software and request us a License Key to activate the software. The key for activation will be sent within 1 day of your request. For Time based License, the License will expire on its Expiration date.

No, it is not possible to activate using same license key in multiple systems. You need a Separate License key for Individual Computers.

Yes, there is a Guide that is downloaded along with the Software.

Software can be downloaded from the website.

Time based License comes only with SmartDesigner PCB Design Layout editor. Schematic Capture can be bought separately with a nominal cost.

Yes, you have to purchase each time. In Monthly Plan, you can choose as many months as you want to avoid purchasing each time. We have other options to opt for, such as Annual plan and Perpetual License, which doesn’t have the burden to renew regularly.