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Posted by: Uma Maheswari Comments: 0 25 Post Date: July 28, 2018

Nowadays, any work is expected to be completed in short time with good quality. Designing a PCB is a great learning experience.  In PCB Design, work sharing is possible to complete the design quickly without compromising the quality. Using SmartDesigner, data can be exported and imported. This makes the possibility for multiple users to work on the same design. Once we get circuit diagram and other inputs from the customer, one person can start doing the Schematic Design and other person can start creating Component Footprint. Similarly routing and plane creation can be done by different persons and imported  to original designs. This is just an example and there are lot of ways to the share the work in PCB Design. SmartDesigner provides the platform to the designers for the work sharing. So, team work gives the possibility of completing the PCB Design quickly and with good quality.

Most of the time you can actually reduce the cost of your PCB, by optimizing the design without changing the functionality of your finished product. It is important to notice that to make your PCB operates as intended. By following some of the consideration, we can cut out unnecessary cost of your design.

  • Usage of less number of layers
  • Usage of all the via to be the same size
  • Usage of minimum board surface area and board size
  • Selection on minimum trace width increases the cost for manufacturing. Check with manufacturer before fixing the trace width

In summary, the outcome of this blog will give you some idea on about the design share and cost effective process. However keep your design as standard as possible.

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