Component Footprint creation using Wizard Method in SmartDesigner

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A component footprint is the arrangement of pads (surface mount or through hole) used to attach a component physically and connect electrically to a printed circuit board.

In this modern world, we always want to do any work in short time using technology. So designing a quality PCB in short time enables to develop or build a product in short time. Component Footprint creation is an important step in PCB Design. There are two options for Component Footprint creation.

  1. Manual Creation
  2. Using Wizard Method

Using SmartDesigner wizard method, footprint for all standard packages can be created in few minutes. The following are the standard packages

Discrete – Through Hole

Discrete – Surface Mounting Device

SIP – Single in-line package

DIP – Dual in-line package

ZIP – Zig-zag in-line package

SOIC – Small Outline Integrated Circuit

Quad Packages

PGA – Pin Grid Array

LGA – Land Grid Array

BGA – Ball Grid Array


Prior to footprint creation we should analyse the datasheet and note all the data required for footprint creation. First we should create padstack in SmartDesigner. For creating padstack, select the main menu “Design \ PadStack \ Create”.

Once the padstack is created, we can start footprint creation using Wizard.

Select the menu “Design \Component \Component Creation Wizard”.

The following window will be shown with all the standard packages.

First select the package. Give the Manufacturer Part No., Footprint Name and then select the Units. Go to Next and fill the required data taken from the datasheet. Now, go to next and the Component Footprint is created. The created Component Footprints will be available in the Component Manager.

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