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Importance of PCB Design

Most of the Electrical and Electronics products have PCB within the product. The efficiency and quality of the products depend mainly on the PCB used in the products. [...]

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Component Footprint creation using Wizard Method in SmartDesigner

A component footprint is the arrangement of pads (surface mount or through hole) used to attach a component physically and connect electrically to a printed circuit board. In this [...]

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Component Library in PCB Layout Design

A high quality component library plays an important role in designing a high quality PCB Layout. In most of the PCB Design Software, Component Libraries will have hundreds [...]

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Layer Stackup in PCB Design

Printed Circuit Board layer stackup is arrangement of copper layers and dielectric layers alternatively one above the other. PCB can be from single layer to many layers. Copper [...]

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Understanding and creation of Padstacks in SmartDesigner for Your designs

A padstack is an entity or pin of a component or a PCB which defines the shape and size of copper that is exposed on PCB board surface. [...]

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Concise idea on work sharing and cost reduction of a PCB…

Nowadays, any work is expected to be completed in short time with good quality. Designing a PCB is a great learning experience.  In PCB Design, work sharing is [...]

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Steps Involved in PCB design

PCB Design involves the following steps 1. Schematic Design Circuit diagram is given as input to the PCB Designer. So, the circuit diagram cannot be used in the same format, [...]

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The Right Way of Designing PCB

The process of PCB design and manufacture of printed circuit boards is a complicated and extensive process and it’s sometime easy to forget the variety of tasks that [...]

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Potential Problems Caused by Not Using PCB Design Software

Most PCB designers today are utilizing some level of software to develop and analyze board designs. It becomes apparent very quickly that there are considerable disadvantages to not [...]

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How a Good PCB Design Software Helps

Creating PCBs with design software provides many advantages for engineers: Quick start – design software can store prior designs and commonly-used templates for reuse. Selecting an existing design with [...]

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